Little Haunts 2014

This is the Place Heritage Park puts together the most amazing events for families! Little Haunts was so stinking cute to capture. As if seeing a million little kids in their halloween costumes wasn’t cute enough.. watching them ride ponies, trains, play with a witch at story time and jump for joy when the candy cannon went off made for a fun and eventful day!! If you missed it this year watch the promo video below and get excited to participate next halloween season!!

The Witches Ball : This is the Place

This is the Place Heritage Park has so many fun attractions and events to attend. The Witches Ball was nothing but a success and everyone there was having the time of their life. It was the perfect way to start out the fall season and get ready for all the Halloween fun ahead of us. Make sure to check out their website for more information about upcoming events.

Also view an extended version of The Witches Ball HERE

Autumn Aloft || Park City Hot Air Balloon Festival

Such an awesome experience being able to capture the beauty of this fun fall event up in Park City, Utah. There are so many amazing and creative balloons all in one location! It is a blast to be able to watch the whole process of how these things miraculously fly! I have a new found love for hot air ballooning! If you haven’t watched a hot air balloon launch before this is definitely something you want to mark down on your calendar for next year, but for now you can watch some of the magic below! I even snuck in a picture of my hottie assistant carrying some of my gear ;)

Make sure to follow Autumn Aloft for updates on the next launch!

autumn aloft

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