This time last year my amazing dad took me on my dream vacation! For graduating from the University of Utah he graced me with tickets to WIMBLEDON! I love love love tennis more than anything and being able to go to the most classy sporting event with my best friend was a dream come true!! Here are just a few of the million photos I took on this amazing trip!

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Chicago is Living

Ad and I spent the day with our favorite little family the LEES in the windy city! We had so much fun taking little Knox to his very first baseball game, the White Sox vs Padres. After the game we spent the rest of the day exploring our new home and saw a few of the necessary tourist locations that us new “locals” should have seen by now! It was even more fun than expected exploring and gazing at ourselves in the famous bean ;) We sure are loving our latest adventure out here!




Our New Home

We decided to up and have an adventure for the next 5 months and move our booties over to Chicago! So far this place is beautiful beyond measure (helps that we came in the spring of course) the trees and tulips outside of our apartments are so gorgeous I couldn’t help but go on a walk and snap some pictures! We also our fortunate to live on a golf course so that definitely brings some perks as well :)



Honeymoon Hikes

While on our honeymoon we went on a fun hike to a waterfall then got to swim under it! It was the strongest waterfall I have ever been near I started to get nervous when Adam insisted on going in the crazy caves and jumping off of things with the local Balinese people! Thank heavens he left with only a few scratches :) After our waterfall adventure we got to go dirt road driving to some volcanoes and spent our lunch at a little restaurant over looking the beautiful and active volcanoes!