Pups are just as much a part of the family too!! Taylor and Mike brought their little ones along for family pictures and even brought their adorable halloween costumes! Happy fall from the Rigby Family!
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Tay Tay and I have been friends for, forever so of course we made her husband Mike snap a few of us together!

The Rigbys12

Rio+Anthony || Bridal-Groomal

Better late than never! Some pretty people got married last month. They are such a fun and energetic couple it was a blast sharing their special day with them and all their many loved ones!

Chicago is Living

Ad and I spent the day with our favorite little family the LEES in the windy city! We had so much fun taking little Knox to his very first baseball game, the White Sox vs Padres. After the game we spent the rest of the day exploring our new home and saw a few of the necessary tourist locations that us new “locals” should have seen by now! It was even more fun than expected exploring and gazing at ourselves in the famous bean ;) We sure are loving our latest adventure out here!




JUNE 1 :)

Today my sweet Adam and I celebrate one year ago that he asked me to be his wifey! It was the perfect day as Adam sent me on a “treasure hunt to find diamonds and gold” as my treasure map said ;) I got to walk across Fire Island to Ho Hum Beach to find my man wayyy down the beach waiting for me! He had a picnic with my favorite breakfast (sesame seed bagel and fruit and chocolate milk) along with a huge will you marry me sign written in the sand! Of course I said yes and the rest is history! It was so special that he had my siblings help with the whole ordeal and I got to spend the perfect day with my favorite people! Happy June 1st Adam!!



Our New Home

We decided to up and have an adventure for the next 5 months and move our booties over to Chicago! So far this place is beautiful beyond measure (helps that we came in the spring of course) the trees and tulips outside of our apartments are so gorgeous I couldn’t help but go on a walk and snap some pictures! We also our fortunate to live on a golf course so that definitely brings some perks as well :)