Cecret Lake

Ad and I hiked up to Cecret Lake near the Albion Basin in Utah and had an absolute blast! It was stunning! The trees are all different colors and this year’s fall season is quite breathtaking! We were so happy we were able to pack a lunch and take a few hours out of our day to enjoy the beautiful mountains we are lucky enough to have in our back yard! This hike is very simple and not very long so its the perfect outdoorsy getaway for the busy lives we all lead!

hike-8 hike-48 hike-10 Cecret Lake10 Cecret Lake1 Cecret Lake5 Cecret Lake4 hike-17 hike-26 Cecret Lake Cecret Lake8 Cecret Lake7 hike-29 Cecret Lake9 Cecret Lake6 hike-31 Cecret Lake2 Cecret Lake3 hike-18

Our Love Story

My sweet Nana started a tradition for each grandkid as they got married. She would write a poem about the love birds and send it out with an invitation to their wedding shower! Well my Nana attended our wedding from heaven so she was unable to write us a poem. But I was so lucky to have my Auntie Tina write one for Adam and I last year at the shower she threw us! We have a long and great history together so the poem my Aunt wrote for us was very special as it is a condensed version of our love story! So grateful to have such a wonderful and talented family!

Thank you so much Tina! We will cherish this forever!


-The Road Linds Traveled-


And a Happy Birthday to my Amazing Nana who is the reason our family turned out so awesome! Love you NANA!IMG_5998

While in Chicago..

This city always has some fun things going on! We of course ate some yummy food, spent the day around Navy Pier, got some Museum time in, took a nice little stroll along the lake then finished out the day by cheering on all the athletes in the ITU World Triathlon Series! It was so fun, so much fun that my dear sweet husband now wants to do one for himself…. we shall see how that goes ;) ChiTown-25












photo 5CHitown2






ChiTown-51photo 1

Engagement Fun!

Probably the next best thing to marrying my Adam last year was being ENGAGED to my Adam last year! Being engaged is possibly the best time of everyones life and people don’t take advantage of it. There is nothing more fun than planning a huge party to celebrate just you and your loved one! Seriously though, it was the best! So today I’m reminiscing to that glorious time, this time last year, that Adam and I were on cloud nine!

We had a sister duo help enhance the magic through their talents of photography and videography! These two are the sweetest people and I am so lucky to call them both friends!

Engagements Engagements1 Lindsey+Adam_027 Engagements2 Lindsey+Adam_094 Lindsey+Adam_091 Lindsey+Adam_059 Lindsey+Adam_051 Engagements3 Engagements6 Lindsey+Adam_072 Lindsey+Adam_073 Engagements7 Lindsey+Adam_086 Lindsey+Adam_083 Lindsey+Adam_040 Engagements4 Lindsey+Adam_087 Engagements5 Engagements8 Engagements10 Lindsey+Adam_149 Lindsey+Adam_135 Lindsey+Adam_138 Engagements11 Lindsey+Adam_099 Engagements9 Lindsey+Adam_175 Lindsey+Adam_187 Lindsey+Adam_193 Engagements13 Lindsey+Adam_199 Lindsey+Adam_207 Engagements12 Engagements16 Engagements19 Engagements14 Engagements15 Engagements17 Lindsey+Adam_261 Engagements18

Video by Kathleen

Photos by Aria

LDS Church History!!

I have been dying, my whole life, to visit some of the church history sites and it was even more amazing than I could have ever anticipated!! We were able to visit Carthage Jail where Joseph and Hyrum Smith were Martyred, as well as the Nauvoo Temple and Historical Sites. It was so incredible to stand in the exact locations where so many marvelous things took place in accordance to the restoration of our gospel! Adam and I may have shed a few tears ;) I am so grateful to be a Latter Day Saint and for all the happiness this gospel brings to my life! Click here to see more of what I Believe!


nauvoocarthagenauvoocarthage1nauvoocarthage2 nauvoocarthage3 church history-7 church history-10nauvoocarthage4When the mob was firing at the jail John Taylor was shot in the chest directly hitting his stop watch, thus stopping his clock at the exact time Joseph Smith was Martyred. This clock shows the exact time John Taylor’s Watch froze at.
nauvoocarthage5This is the window our beloved prophet Joseph Smith Jumped out of and was shot to stop the mob from continuing fire at Willard Richards and John Taylor.

nauvoocarthage6These keys are antique keys from Joseph’s time.

nauvoocarthage7This is the exact bullet hole that struck and killed Hyrum Smith on June 27th 1844.

nauvoocarthage8nauvoocarthage15nauvoocarthage10nauvoocarthage17nauvoocarthage13nauvoocarthage12The Smith Family Cemetery

nauvoocarthage14nauvoocarthage11church history-56Joseph and Emma Smith’s Home

church history-31
church history-70nauvoocarthage16

church history-74

*** 4th of July ***

We had the best Independence day celebrating the birth of our country Glen Ellyn Style. This is our favorite little village and we were lucky enough that it had one of the greatest firework shows which rivaled the navy pier! It was so much fun especially since all my friends out here are mommies I got to play with their cute little chunks alllll dayyyy long! Seriously my friends have the cutest kids! Since this weekend was just the best I had to document as many seconds of it as I could! Thank you Glen Ellyn for a beautiful 4th of July!


Fourth Photos

Fourth of July5Fourth of July4th Photos-8Fourth of July6Fourth of July1Fourth of July7Fourth of July114th Photos-72Fourth of July24th Photos-88Fourth of July34th Photos-168Fourth of July15Fourth of July20Fourth of July19Fourth of July4Fourth of July184th Photos-1124th Photos-166Fourth of July12Fourth of July16Fourth of July17Fourth of July21Fourth of July22IMG_0832



This time last year my amazing dad took me on my dream vacation! For graduating from the University of Utah he graced me with tickets to WIMBLEDON! I love love love tennis more than anything and being able to go to the most classy sporting event with my best friend was a dream come true!! Here are just a few of the million photos I took on this amazing trip!

wimbeldon2013-27 wimby3 Wimbeldon1 wimbeldon2013-16 wimbeldon2013-22 wimby6 IMG_3776IMG_1260wimby5 wimbeldon2013-26 IMG_3806 wimby wimby2 wimby4 wimbeldon2013-10 Wimbeldon1 wimby1

A Bachelorette Bash

My Dear Friend Kim is tying the knot in one short week! So naturally we had to celebrate the end of her single days with a “bang” ;) From “weenies and balls” to some sexy lingerie I’d say this party was a success! I had so much fun planning this bachelorette party I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Huge thanks to my friend Eden for helping me with the paper goods! She created the perfect invitations and party favors pictured below! Click here to see more of her stuff!!



To view Kim and Jasons Engagement Photos CLICK HERE.


Chicago is Living

Ad and I spent the day with our favorite little family the LEES in the windy city! We had so much fun taking little Knox to his very first baseball game, the White Sox vs Padres. After the game we spent the rest of the day exploring our new home and saw a few of the necessary tourist locations that us new “locals” should have seen by now! It was even more fun than expected exploring and gazing at ourselves in the famous bean ;) We sure are loving our latest adventure out here!