It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I want to!

Little Hazel Lee Payne Turned one yesterday! She loves to dance, play peek-a-boo, her new dolly, and cake!! But this little miss doesn’t like her headbands, or to be messy! So while the tasty cake distracted her from her cute headband the flavor lasted just long enough to destroy her cake before she realized she was a mess! I must say there is nothing cuter than that little chunk even when in tears! Hazel is such a sweet heart and it was so fun to share her first birthday with her and her cute family! You are very loved Hazie!!!

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Tea Party


I recently inherited 18 nieces and nephews when I married my sweet husband. I got to “babysit” (more like play) with 4 of my new nieces this past week and boy did we have fun! We had a girls only tea party where we dressed up like a lady should and proceeded to eat our lunch with poise! I am loving my new role as Auntie Lindsey!