Welcome Home Miss Mindy

My family had 3 missionaries all go out around the same time, one is my cute little brother and the other two are my cousins!! the first to return is the our Hawaiian Beauty Mindy Leiani Wong! She returned from serving her mission in Alabama just a few days ago! She is such a joy to be around and we are all so excited for her to be home!!  Welcome back to the West Miss Mindy!

General Conference Traditions

Twice a year we get to hear messages and teachings from our Prophet, Apostles and Leaders of the LDS Church. It is something I look forward to every Fall and Spring!! In our family we have had a tradition for as long as I can remember where we make my Nana’s home made jam and scones for the Sunday Morning Session of Conference! Below we made a little video of our favorite tradition for our favorite semi-annual event!

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The Lee Family

It’s Fall! So what better than a Fall Film *SPECIAL* Book with Lindsey Lu Creations by October 31, 2014 and you will receive $150 off of any film price or package! Apply it to your Wedding Package, Promotional Film and even a Lifestyle Film a perfect way to capture the fun family outings and events for these upcoming holidays! The Lee Family did just that at the Utah State Fair this past month and boy was it a fun time! Their little boy Knox rode his first carousal and had an absolute blast! Check it out below!

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I want to!

Little Hazel Lee Payne Turned one yesterday! She loves to dance, play peek-a-boo, her new dolly, and cake!! But this little miss doesn’t like her headbands, or to be messy! So while the tasty cake distracted her from her cute headband the flavor lasted just long enough to destroy her cake before she realized she was a mess! I must say there is nothing cuter than that little chunk even when in tears! Hazel is such a sweet heart and it was so fun to share her first birthday with her and her cute family! You are very loved Hazie!!!

Hazels First Birthday Hazel's First Birthday Hazie1-128 Hazel's First Birthday1 Hazels First Birthday1 Hazels First Birthday2 Hazels First Birthday4 Hazie1-162 Hazels First Birthday3 Hazie1-172 Hazie1-205 Hazie1-242 Hazie1-209 Hazie1-217 Hazels First Birthday5 Hazie1-311 Hazie1-245 Hazels First Birthday9 Hazels First Birthday13 Hazie1-268 Hazels First Birthday8 Hazie1-252 Hazels First Birthday7 Hazie1-277 Hazels First Birthday6 Hazie1-299 Hazie1-257 Hazels First Birthday12 Hazie1-353 Hazels First Birthday10

*** 4th of July ***

We had the best Independence day celebrating the birth of our country Glen Ellyn Style. This is our favorite little village and we were lucky enough that it had one of the greatest firework shows which rivaled the navy pier! It was so much fun especially since all my friends out here are mommies I got to play with their cute little chunks alllll dayyyy long! Seriously my friends have the cutest kids! Since this weekend was just the best I had to document as many seconds of it as I could! Thank you Glen Ellyn for a beautiful 4th of July!


Fourth Photos

Fourth of July5Fourth of July4th Photos-8Fourth of July6Fourth of July1Fourth of July7Fourth of July114th Photos-72Fourth of July24th Photos-88Fourth of July34th Photos-168Fourth of July15Fourth of July20Fourth of July19Fourth of July4Fourth of July184th Photos-1124th Photos-166Fourth of July12Fourth of July16Fourth of July17Fourth of July21Fourth of July22IMG_0832